About Me

Hey, I’m Atul and my degree would tell you that I am a computer engineer. While that is true on paper, I am, in fact, so much more. I am a marketing enthusiast with a keen eye for detail and channelling all my creativity into coming up with branding strategies that would make the creator of the product/service purchase it in bulk. I discovered that business communication was my true calling after multiple attempts of scouring for something that would get me remotely excited to start working. I considered videography and filmmaking since I am a serial binge watcher and movie connoisseur, but I realised quite quickly that some things are best left alone as hobbies and interests. However, after helping friends through their countless BBA assignments, I realised that I was a better fit for the role than most of them could hope to be. And just like that, internship upon internship, I honed my skills and realised this is exactly what I wanted to make a career out of.

I am a travel enthusiast with a real wanderlust bug, meaning any outstation project or meeting that you aren’t able to take care of, I’d be happy to take off your hands. I am also a full time dog dad, meaning I understand responsibility and can work in noise polluted areas. Along with all this, I dabble in the Indian Stock Market as well, which in itself will account for the fact that I am an analyser and a risk taker.

I am friendly, hard working and very determined, meaning I am exactly what you are looking for.